Friday, September 29, 2006

Movies in my journal blues -- continued

Spent an hour on fone with technical expert from Polaroid.  Together we were not able to get movies to transfer from camera to computer. 

His thought I must have a conflicting video program.  So I left it there and said I would seek it out. 

But I forgot to tell him... same problem on new Dell Laptop computer too. 

I found another video program but not the program to erase it...but now I don't think it is that either.  I am beginning to think it is the camera.... hope I can find someone with a Polaroid to come and try his camera.  I don't feel like spending money on a replacement...when it may not be the camera's fault. 

Bit by bit, I am finding things that are NOT the fault. And I am learnin what the camera is SUPPOSED TO BE DOING.

By the way, I have forgotten what I wanted to put movies in my journal for, anyway.


tendernoggle said...

Oh Chuck.I wish i could help you in some way....One time my computer would not load my pictures from my kodak camera...and come to find computer did not know that the camera was hooked up...and I can not remember what I did to correct it! lol I guess I just fiddled around with it...but that does not explain why both your computer and your laptop doesn't work.

garnett109 said...

Have not a clue? Have a great day!

plittle said...

  Chuck, if you don't mind losing the movie on the camera, and making a new movie, I would try something else. Make sure you have all of the pictures on the camers saved in a safe place, and then erase the memory card in the camera. There is probably a setting in the camera's menu that allows you to "format" the card. This will not only erase any and all pictures and movies on the card permanently, it will also remove any partitions the camera software may have set up on the card, and return it to the state it was in when it was first new.
  Then, before you do anything else with the camera, try recording a new movie, and imediately try to transfer that to your computer and see what happens. It could be that the camera has somehow created a partition on the card for the movie that the software cannot see.
  Of course, I am just guessing, but you never know.