Friday, September 22, 2006


Gad, I passed a milestone I have been awaiting for twenty seven years.

When I was teaching, I made a big TO DO about my 20,000th day on earth. I put it in the school bulletin.  I asked students to calculate my birthdate using the date and the figure 20,000.  And I pointed out that I would be retired when 30,000 came along. 

Then I forgot about it. 

30,000 days

came and went day before yesterday.  I hope it is not too late to pat myself on the back and chant "thirty thousand, thirty thousand, thirty thousand."


hunybea4him said...

wow.. 30 thousand!

garnett109 said...

Happy 30 chuck !

tendernoggle said...

WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COOL IS THAT????????????

bamawmn46 said...

HHhhhhmmmm.... I've never thought about how many days I've been on this earth.....  I'll do that!!  Thanks, Chuck!!!  And Happy 30,000!!!


desannie said...

Happy 30,000 plus 2!  What a journey!

mavarin said...

Love it!

karrieawelborn said...

That's amazing! Happy 30,000th!

mtrib2 said...

That is quite a milestone to have passed!    Wishing you many thousands of days more.     mark

reconcilinglife said...

Thank Goodness it was not a kidney stone instead...of a milestone...LOL. Bam