Saturday, September 9, 2006

The Great Corn Glut

I didn't know you could do this: put an ear of corn in the microwave and heat it and eat it.

Bought a couple of ears of corn for fifty cents each.  Gorgeous.  Shucked one and ate it raw.  Enjoyed it.

Shucked he other, put in microwave for one don't need to cook the cob. Ate it just as it came out of the microwave, except, ooh ooh ouch... needed paper towels in hands since I had no corn holders.

What a simple snack, and I loved it.  I was reminded of the year of the great corn glut in Riverside, CA.  Bad for farmers...price of corn went down down down.  We drove out to the corn fields and bought directly from farmer... or rather...he gave away his corn for less than a nickle an ear.  Must have broken his heart, but he was getting something.  He couldn't afford to have it picked.

I am sure he remembers that year.  I, a corn lover, sure do.  We ate corn until we could eat no more.  What a glorious summer...for us.


msecz said...

I always make my corn in a microwave now.... I wrap it in wax paper and add a bit of butter   :)  Sandra

garnett109 said...

i love corn on the grill , you take the silk off , rub garlic butter over it , tie  the leaves back over the cob soak in water and place it on the high rack on the grill  occasionally mist the cob! yum

jckfrstross said...

grilled corn is good too:) we microwave it at work yummy


mtrib2 said...

You truly know the value of life as you ate from the field that the poor farmer grew.     You have related how precious life is at its roots.      Now we have so much and every variety of food from chicken to beef and all the protein and diary and vegetables.     What a world we live in!     mark

tendernoggle said...

Hey, thanks for the recipe!
love ya,

plieck30 said...

I always cook my corn on the cob in the micorwave by putting about 1/2 cup of water in a pyrex dish with a lid. Put the corn in the bowl with the lid on and cook on high for about ten minutes. Paula

reconcilinglife said...

I nuke mine too..but wrap it in a wet paper towel.Bam