Thursday, September 28, 2006

Movies in My Journal Blues -- continued

A technical report to those of you who are trying to help me get a movie in my journal.  Others can tune out...this ain't one of my funny blogs.

Where I stand: I can load movies from my computer to my journal through MYTUNES. I can make movies with my digital camera. What I can't do is load the movies from the camera to the computer.

The Polaroid manual, and my advisors who have written, say "Connect the camera.  Go to My Computer.  Open Devices with Moveable Storage. Select the Icon for your camera and click on it. "

So far so good.  But when I click on it, a question pops up that says What program do you want to use to open this... select one.

But the box is empty...nothing to select.

This tells me that I have not the right program for downloading the movie.  But where is it?  I went to my newest computer, put in the Polaroid camera operating disk. And the result is the same.

The programs that download my still pictures say NO PICTURES IN CAMERA, But the movie is there...I can watch in on the camera.

Where is the program that is supposed to take the program from the camera to the computer?

Your still lost blogger, Chas


garnett109 said...

type in my videos? Just a hunch?

plittle said...

That's an odd one, Chas. Do you still have the original CD that came with the camera? If so, I would try uninstalling the camera software, and reinstalling it again.

hewasolddog299 said...

AHA! A valuable clue! Will let you know when I have something. In the meantime, download and install a shareware program named IrfanView onto both the PC and the laptop please. You'll find links to d/l the file at this site:
as well as AOL downloads (not being a paying member, I can't access that anymore).
Once installed, go hunting for your .AVI files, OK? You may even discover that it is all you ever needed...