Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Visit to the Doctor

Around the old folks home, I feel like a king.  I have been here longer than most, so I know the ropes.  I am the only senior here with a journal, and readers on two continents.  Makes one proud.  I know how to use a computer, a digital camera, a video camera.  I make movies of our senior activities to put on the closed circuit television system.

People call on me to set their clocks, get their television tuners working to buy them stamps, or talking watches from a catalogue.  I play the harmonica with the piano player who comes twice a week.  They ask me to write letters to the management when things are not working properly.  I am somebody, I take care of myself and others.

But when I have to go  to the doctor, I am an abject creature who cannot take care of his own body.  I have to present myself with all my flaws and weaknesses for him to see, to  tsk tsk over, to medicate and study. I cannot sleep the night before I see him. I fear him, though I know he is trying to help me. 

"Go to bed early, get a good night's sleep before you see the doctor," counsels my daughter.  Fat chance.  I will get little sleep tonight.  Here I am up again, having lain in bed tossing and turning.

Maybe writing this, and stating my anxiety out loud will help.  I will go back to bed...and try. 

My ordeal is at Eight AM

ps. worked... slept okay after wrting.   Dr. appointment went well.  The Dr said he was glad to see me looking so well. The ordeal was not an ordeal.


bamawmn46 said...

You are so right, you do have a lot of things in your life you enjoy! I'm sure it is very frustrating to go to the doc when you have problems, but I learned not to put some of those trips off....  And I am glad you are going!!

plieck30 said...

The people there are lucky to have you around to help them. You are king in J-land too. I hate to go to doctors too. I suddenly feel fine and just want to get out of there. Paula

garnett109 said...

I don't like going to the doc's either!
That is great to know things to help those who can't!
have a great morning!

reconcilinglife said...

Glad you are okay....Loved that entry Chuck..Bam

msecz said...

I bet you feel good now and will get that good nights sleep tonight.... Sandra

tendernoggle said...

Good for you Chuck!!! Glad you got a good report! Now get some rest!

mtrib2 said...

I think it is great that the other people find you so willing to help with your expertise.   I did not like the way I was being treated by the last doctor I had and left and am glad I did.   The problem with my back and the Stenosis of my lumbar spine is going to be looked into by a Neurosurgeon if Medicaid approves it.     Then the doctor knows he will not get paid for over a year as things stand.    I have to be careful as my physical therapist has warned me that I risk permanent nerve damage if I try to work on things involving even light construction work.    The problem has worsened and I had no choice but to take it extremely easy with a lot of rest.     mark