Saturday, September 9, 2006

Rewriting History -- Before it Happens

Rewriting history is one thing...and writing it before it happens is another.  In Time Magazine, 9/11/2006, Page 37. Niall Ferguson, a historian, writes the history of the United States as seen from 2031!

That is tricky.  You have to accurately guess what is going to happen, and then then reason what the world reaction to that happening will be.

If you are way off, people will say, "He had a clouded crystal ball."  Sometimes that is fun, like reacting to the 1940 prediction that American's beaches would all be topless and nudist by 1950.  We can whistle and laugh, and say, "Well, they are ALMOST nudist beaches."

Ferguson's predictions are scary, but at least, reassuring.  He sees an end to war on terror, BUT NOT FOR TWENTY FIVE YEARS. But in the end people will say George W. Bush was mostly right...way back then...though people never gave him credit.

I wonder what President Bush thinks of Feguson's history of his administration.


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