Saturday, September 16, 2006

Video in Journal -- Step two: analyze

Let's stop and analyze.  (1) what CAN I do?

I can get a video from computer to YOUTUBE and then to journal...see entry below.  It was without sound because I made it with the webcam and didn't plug in a microphone.

I can make a sound video with my digital camera.  So far I have one, a movie of me entering the lobby of the old folks home while riding on my power chair.  Not much of a plot, but a slice of life in the old folks home, anyway.

(2) What CAN'T I do?

I can't transfer the video from camera to computer.  Been stuck on this step for weeks. 

An email to Polaroid "Help needed" site brought a snarl from the Daemon... The beast that hurls undeliverable email back at you...I think that should be called DEMON

I installed a copy of the Polaroid manual on my computer.

I installed the Polaroid software that came with the camera on my computer.

According the the manual, I use Windows explorer to find Detached Storage devices.  So I do.  Then I click on my Polaroid camera Icon.  Then NOTHING... end of line.

I have tried each of several photo programs and none of them has a download video step.

And that is where I am now...stalled.


queeniemart said...

Hi buddy sent me over to help BUT i am no help at all....i am going to send a link to your journal to Lori, who is good at teaching everyone how to do video. I have two journals..will leave a link. Lori spent hours the other day showing me how to get video into my journal. I have you on alerts now!
take care,

lisa jo

mawmellow said...

You have wayyy more patience than I do.  I would have given up a long time ago.  But, I'm glad that you haven't !!!  Anxiously awaiting to view it when you get it accomplished.  Hang in there !

jeanno43 said...

Way too technical for me.  Hubby just plugs our camera in the USB port on the computer and we download it onto the computer then upload to YouTube

bhbner2him said...

Saw your problem on Help Wanted.  But I'm no help....just a redneck.  But I do know folks who use this stuff and will ask them to lend you a hand.  -  Barbara

mavarin said...

Do you have something that connects the camera to the computer physically?  For my first camera. I had a card reader that downloaded the stuff on the memory card.  For the Nikon, the cord goes throught from the camera to the computer.  I don't know what your setup should be, but inless it's a wireless setup there needs to besome kind of wire or cable.  Good luck! - Karen

jmorancoyle said...

    I had the same problem, although I wasn't trying to download videos. I explained it to the clerk at Best Buy. He sold me a memory card reader for $10. Problem solved. I plugged it in and left it there. Good luck. Maybe if this doesn't work, ask the guy at your local computer distributer. Also, did you right click?

rocrebelgranny said...

I wish I could help but my little camera is a Kodak.  I still haven't tried YOUTUBE.

Maybe someday I'll feel brave.

rocrebelgranny said...

I have several readers who love to help.  Would you like me to send out an SOS?  Someone may have a Polaroid.

chasferris said...

rocrebelgranny....yay.  if someone has a polaroid 3080 and windows xp and can download videos, they must know something I don't.  (HOpe you read this..tried to email you but was unable.)