Friday, September 29, 2006

Project Continued

Second stanza of class project called Where are you from?"

I am from Missouri, so you’ll have to Show Me.

Show me Harry Truman’s home in Independence.

“Are these just like the plates Trumans ate from?”

“No, Sir, these ARE the plates they ate from?.”

Show me the steamboat that sank right here.

With all its cargo and a mule tied to the deck.

Show me where Lewis and Clark trudged by.

I’ll wade where they waded in the very same mud.

Show me a riverboat, that goes nowhere,

Floating in the river, gambling cruises hourly,

Built on dry land, they brought the river to it.

Show me a city, a whole city underground.

Trucks and trains, cars and bars, lighted twenty four

Signs say EXIT, Lord help us if the lights go out.

Show me the Mississippi, with all its four eyes.

Where Huck and Jim rafted from slavery to freedom.

Show me a cannon ball stuck in a court house wall

Fired in civil war, where brother shot brother.

Show me the field where the F one bomber took off

To fly to Iraq and bomb and then come home to land

Show me the center of the nation, then and now.


mtrib2 said...

Living in S. Illinois I have made some trips past the great Arch and I am always amazed by the sight.    mark

garnett109 said...

Missouri, the only thing comes to mind is cat fish!

chasferris said...

I could change this blank verse to rhymed couplets or triplets without too much trouble.
Also I could add CatFish to the inventory of Missouri effects.
Oh and Grits....pronounced gree-uts in Missouri.
Did you ever hear Phill Harris sing "That's what I like about the south."?